Saturday, August 16, 2008

Officially 6 days from D day!!!!!!

My ob said that she would not let me go to much longer after my due date. She also said that he was a "big baby." Just what a girl wants to hear.

I am having a rough time lately with Brian. He seems angry and stressed out. This in turn causes us to bicker. Last night I had another psycho moment. The other occured when I stared at Brian while he slept and wanted to put a pillow over his head. How's that for pregzilla? Last night I pictured hacking off his toes with a cleaver. Lack of sleep is making me loopy.

Almost everything is done for the baby. Still need to put in the carseat, but that should be done this week.

I don't anticipate the baby coming early. Just a hunch, but I feel like he wants to stay in for as long as he can.

Tonight:Looking forward to some Banchero's Soup and garlic bread. Yum!!!!!!!!

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