Monday, May 24, 2010

Britton's Birth Story

I really wanted to experience a genuine labor with this baby. With Benjamin, I never even felt a contraction until the pitocin kicked in the morning of my induction. Holy hell those contractions were strong.

My due date was the 14th this time around. I was getting so uncomfortable and impatient so I scheduled my induction for the following Tuesday when my doctor would return from vacation. All the while, I was willing myself to go into labor that weekend. On the 14th, I scheduled a mani/pedi with my nail girl. I swear it was the best mani/pedi I ever had. I said to her, "if foot massage can put me into labor, this will do it."

That night I awoke at about 2:00 feeling uncomfortable. Around 3:30, my husband woke up and I told him I was having some contractions. I mentioned maybe he should time them. Each contraction was pretty painful. They were spaced about 7 minutes apart, then they moved to 9 minutes, then back to 7 minutes. My husband said this is it and I mentioned some women have contractions for weeks and obviously mine were inconsistent at that point.

A few hours later, they seemed to be getting closer and closer together. Brian was keeping track in his iphone. I kept saying I would jump in the shower as soon as I felt like we needed to go. Well, that plan became madness because each time I was about to get in the shower, another contraction would come. I finally made it in the shower. Had two in the shower(it actually felt nicer to have them with the hot water running down on me.) By the time I got out, Brian was in a sheer panic. He lectured me while I ran back and forth from the bathroom to our bed during each contraction. By this time they were about 2 minutes apart and it was after 7:00 a.m. He lectured me while I brushed my teeth. He said.."do you really need to use your toothbrush through three timed uses?" The answer was a resounding yes.

Well, we woke up my mom and managed to make it out the door. Didn't really have a bag packed. I had asked my harried husband to pack a few things, but I think he was a bit overwhelmed and worried that I might deliver in his beloved Ford Lightening. I had 2 more contractions on the way to the hospital. I really wanted the epidural in the parking lot and I informed Brian of this. We checked in at 7:50 and I was lucky enough to get the same room I had Ben in. Had another contraction before I even changed into a gown. Sat down and demanded the nurse get me that epidural STAT. It was all quite a blur until I got the epidural. It seemed like an hour before the Dr arrived to administer it. All the while I was telling Brian..."I need drugs now!" The nurse checked me said I was 5 cm. She then told the Dr I was between 5-7 with hand motions. WTF? Is it 5 OR 7?

This is where Brian lost his mind(and almost his balls.) When I demanded the epidural again, Brian said, "Relax, you are only 5 cm." Okay, not the support I was looking for. If his balls would have been in reach, I swear he would have been missing one.

I got the epidural at 8 cm. This time when it was going in, I felt a weird sensation down one side. It shot all the way down my hip. I mentioned it to the Dr. She said it happens that way sometimes and that they would try and out me on my side to see if the meds spread to the other side. She came back several times to see if I needed something more. I actually felt the contractions and a lot of sensation which helped when it came time to push. A little while later, I felt my water break. Then, I felt a little back pain, Brian mentioned it to the nurse and she checked and said, you are at 10 cm, its time to push.

This time around, I was invigorated, not exhausted. I felt I could push and I felt the progress fast. At one point the nurse made me stop pushing so that we could wait for the Dr to arrive. By 11:10 a.m Britton was here. She had swallowed some amniotic fluid, so they worked on her for awhile. I was bummed that she was out of my sight for so long. I noticed then that the Dr was working on me a bit too long. I asked if their were complications, but didn't find out until later that the cord detached from the placenta before she could remove it. Took her awhile to get everything under control and it killed me to not hold our little girl.

Then, there she was. 8lbs, 6 oz and 21 inches long. The girl that kept me up all night while she partied in my tummy. I have to be honest. I didn't have the immediate maternal love for her that I had for Ben. It was different and it took the whole day to totally fall in love with her.

But now I am madly in love with her. And now our family is complete...Or is it? :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A positive post

Just to show you that I am capable of being an optimist...

As the beginning of 2010 takes place, I realize that I am truly thankful for everything 2009 brought me.

Brian and I were fortunate enough to buy our first house this year and it is truly a fun experience making it our home. Sure Brian wanted to leave the walls all white and he told me that he didn't really believe in putting up pictures, but everyone knows that men know nothing about making a house a home. He can stick to landscaping the backyard. Have I mention that I hate getting my nails dirty? No yard work for moi.

Ben is healthy and growing like a weed. He is truly a joy to watch everyday and I am so thankful to be his mommy. I can't believe that he is almost 16 months old. Boggles the mind.

Our little family is growing quite nicely. It seems just perfect that we are having a girl. I can't stop imagining what she will be like and how cute her clothes will be.

Our immediate families are all pretty healthy and we are super lucky that we always have their support and love.

I am especially thankful that it seems that I have transitioned into a Northern California girl and that I have made true friends locally. I don't know if I would have kept my sanity this year without all of the advice and support of all my new friends. It is hard to put into words just how important friendships are in this life, so I will just say that I am truly blessed in this area.

Oh and I am really thankful for my husband. The man drives me crazy on a daily basis, but I can't imagine taking this journey with anybody else.

"You're crazy when you are pregnant."

These are the lovely words my husband threw at me in the middle of a fight last week. If you knew me, you would realize that when someone blames women's hormones for behavior, I just lose it. I am not sure I believe in PMS. There I said it. I do think that hormones play a part in how you are feeling, but to flat out call me crazy is a little much.

Besides, that bastard hasn't seen crazy. I hope he doesn't make me pull it out one day.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Motherhood has officially kicked me in the ass. I had this running debate with friends on what was worse. Morning sickness with dry heaving and no result or morning sickness with very violent vomiting(unfortunately I experienced both.)

I am one of the lucky ones that gets to experience morning sickness throughout the day. First pregnancy it started around 9 weeks or so. This pregnancy at about 5 weeks. I was feeling pretty smug that it didn't seem to be quite as bad as before. Damn me and my smugness.

Today was my little slap in the face. Quite literally, as I am puking, water and god knows what sprayed me in the face as I puked into the porcelain God. Not only was I vomiting right after I ate one little piece of toast, but those lovely muscles "down there" decided to fail me and make me piss myself just as my husband was coming in to check on me.

Thank you Motherhood for taking that time to make me realize that it could be worse. I was just starting to accept the stretch marks left behind by Benjamin. Now I also have this little gift to look forward to.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Why do I blog?

I am part of an online community of women. It is full of smart, supportive, and amazing ladies. The lovely Liz has decided to give us blog challenges. No surprise here that I am doing it late. :)

Why do I blog?

This is such an interesting way to start. Honestly, I started to blog so that I could write a little diary to myself to remember what life was like during my pregnancy. If I am being honest with myself, it was to show people how I was a person separate from my child. I had a lot of worries that I would become a Mommy and that no one would see me as anything else.

I have always loved writing. I wrote my first play in 3rd grade and my first book at 16. My first play involved the adventures of Strawberry Shortcake and her gang. I even got my friends to act it out for our class. I believe that this was a key time in my creative process. My teacher at the time, couldn't stand me and never tried to foster my writing skills. My book was my foray into the romance genre. I haven't read it in years, but I would guess that it was pretty terrible.

I wasn't sure what to do when I got to college, so I majored in English. What else does a girl who likes to read and write do? I had an awful case of writer's block my senior year and decided then and there that I couldn't be a writer. I have been intimidated by writing ever since. Truth be told, this blog is the closest thing to writing that I have done since college.

I don't know how to post pictures and this blog has blossomed into a "Mommy" blog, but I am okay with that. I am also okay with how I have changed since becoming a mommy. I am a lot more patient in some ways and a a little less self centered.

I hope this answered the question or that it gave you, the reader, a little more insight into who I am.

I look forward to more blog challenges.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

and I'm afraid Benjamin's first real sentence will involve

the term "F'ing douchebag." I need to clean up my language.

I'm a bad blogger...

So much for my dream of being like the girl from dooce. I love her and I want to be payed for my blog. Any sponsors out there?

A lot has been happening in the Cerruti household lately. We bought a house. We haven't moved in yet, but we are super close. We are so happy about it. It is truly becoming a labor of love. Brian's labor, my love.

Benjamin celebrated his very first birthday. He looked adorable smashing his cake. It seemed to go on and on. The kid loves to be a ham and loved the attention. Not sure where he gets that from.

Just as I was preparing to enjoy the new hot tub at the new digs, I find out that we are expecting #2. We are super excited and can't wait to find out if Benjamin will have a little brother or sister.
Maybe this week I will be motivated to catch up more on this blog. Don't hold your breath.