Monday, August 18, 2008

Current aches and pains...

Just so I can remember this later and not tell the lie of feeling wonderful all of the time. ;)

1. When I try to turn over in bed, it becomes a whole ordeal. Sometimes I even get a pulling pain in my lower right side that feels like ripping.

2. TMI Alert.....Why didn't anyone tell me I could get aches in my vagina that would make me gasp?

3. When I go pee, the squatting kills my kneecaps.

4. Sometimes it feels like the baby's foot or hand is gonna come right out of my vagina. It is by far the weirdest sensation. This happened weeks ago, I don't really have this experience anymore.

5. My ass muscles currently feel like I ran a marathon. Not sure why, but when I go to stand up now, my butt hurts something awful.

6. Stretchmarks are not only ugly, they hurt. I had stretchmarks before, but nothing like this. These actually have a burning sensation.

Now for the part women always tell you. I'll call it a disclaimer....Not that I know this for a fact yet.....

It will all be worth it. Once I meet my sweet baby I will forget all about the aches and pains and I will embrace motherhood completely. I will also, apparently, be kidnapped by aliens and have my memory erased so that I will want to go through this all over again in a couple years.

Mother's never tell you the truth

I think if pregnant women told all of the mysteries of pregnancy, women may never have kids. I feel like it was some secret club and no one tells of their aches and pains. If I hear one more time that being pregnant, "was the best they ever felt," I will punch someone. Or what about the b!tches that tell you they had a 45 minute labor with "no real pain?"

If anyone wants to know the truth, i'll tell them a thing or two. I can't tell you about labor yet, but I will if when the time comes.

Brian and I have been "nesting" all weekend. Buying things we need(or don't need. Who really knows?)

We have so many things that seem so frivolous once they have been put together. Brian is currently putting together the Sweet Peace Swing. I hope the baby enjoys it because it sure is taking up a lot of space.

It took forever to figure out the carseat/stroller system. I know I will not attempt to leave the house without Brian to show me how to put it all together. I also realize now the need for taking the carseat to get it checked out by the fire or police dept. Who knew these things could be so friggin complicated?

I really don't mind if I go into labor soon. I honestly can't wait to see Benjamin's sweet little face. Will he be bald or have a ton of hair? Will he have blue eyes that stay that way or brown? Will he be long and lean or have little chubby rolls? I seriously can't wait to meet him.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Officially 6 days from D day!!!!!!

My ob said that she would not let me go to much longer after my due date. She also said that he was a "big baby." Just what a girl wants to hear.

I am having a rough time lately with Brian. He seems angry and stressed out. This in turn causes us to bicker. Last night I had another psycho moment. The other occured when I stared at Brian while he slept and wanted to put a pillow over his head. How's that for pregzilla? Last night I pictured hacking off his toes with a cleaver. Lack of sleep is making me loopy.

Almost everything is done for the baby. Still need to put in the carseat, but that should be done this week.

I don't anticipate the baby coming early. Just a hunch, but I feel like he wants to stay in for as long as he can.

Tonight:Looking forward to some Banchero's Soup and garlic bread. Yum!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What I've learned!

1. Never marry a procrastinator when you are also a procrastinator.
2. Don't try to work on home improvements or build anything with your spouse. If you do, realize that it will more than likely result in an argument. Also, realize that said argument will result in a hormonal crier. This weekend that hormonal crier was me. :)
3. Two pack rats are not better than one.
4. You have ligaments in your groin area that can be super painful at the end of pregnancy.
5. Don't send your father babycenter updates. He does not want to hear anything about mucous, a bloody show, or avoiding sex after your water breaks. Apparently these terms are more disturbing when referring to your daughter.
6. People aren't really concerned about how you are doing towards the end of your pregnancy. They really only want the baby to get here and you are just a pod.
7. Our parents did just fine without a co-sleeper,baby monitor, moby wrap, pack and play, boppy, a play gym, wipe warmers, etc.
8. Work on the nursery as soon as possible. You don't want to be running around last minute making sure you have everything you need.
9. Take some baby classes, even if you have done it before. There is bound to be something new to learn.
10. Don't be a hero! Get that epidural.