Tuesday, September 22, 2009

and I'm afraid Benjamin's first real sentence will involve

the term "F'ing douchebag." I need to clean up my language.

I'm a bad blogger...

So much for my dream of being like the girl from dooce. I love her and I want to be payed for my blog. Any sponsors out there?

A lot has been happening in the Cerruti household lately. We bought a house. We haven't moved in yet, but we are super close. We are so happy about it. It is truly becoming a labor of love. Brian's labor, my love.

Benjamin celebrated his very first birthday. He looked adorable smashing his cake. It seemed to go on and on. The kid loves to be a ham and loved the attention. Not sure where he gets that from.

Just as I was preparing to enjoy the new hot tub at the new digs, I find out that we are expecting #2. We are super excited and can't wait to find out if Benjamin will have a little brother or sister.
Maybe this week I will be motivated to catch up more on this blog. Don't hold your breath.