Monday, June 2, 2008


Time is flying by and I can't believe it is June. The baby will be here before I know it and I am feeling very unprepared. We got a crib and dresser/changing table this weekend. I love them, but I am worried that they won't match the bedding I need to pick out. We registered last week and we already got several big items. Yay for us and our wonderful families!

Here are the links to our crib and dresser/changing table. We ordered them in espresso though, not white...

I am excited for my two showers. Both of which are this month. I am not really done with registering though and I find it intimidating. I don't know what kind of diapers to choose or what kind of bottles to buy. Babies r'us is an overwhelming place.

I also need to buy some hostess gifts for my peeps. There are 6 people throwing one shower and 4 throwing the other. That's a lot of gifts. If you gals have any ideas on what I can buy for them let me know.

The worst part of this week...I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Not real fun to have to diet while pregnant. I see a nurse and nutritionist tomorrow. I will miss the Chocolate Malted Crunch Ice Cream the most. :(


Michelle said...

I love the crib you picked out!

Alison said...

LOVE the furniture!! Oohhhh showers... now THAT must make it feel real!!