Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More confused about baby bedding than ever :(

I have found more stuff I like. Not sure if I love any of them, but I am still waiting on some samples in the mail.

I am a huge fan of Restoration Hardware and they are now releasing their baby line. Here's the link....

I like the majority of them in the cloud color. What do you guys think? Would these work with my espresso furniture.

Some I like are...
the cuddle plush bumper and Italian dot sheeting
the european dot matelasse bumper and the italian contrast stripe sheeting
the european classic stripe bumper and the contrast piped sheeting
and a couple of others.

Looks like I can mix and match the sheets, bumpers, bedskirt etc. I like that idea.

I am also partial to a couple of others I came across...


and this one


I really need to decide soon. The two showers are approaching so fast.

On another happy note, I thought I would include links to the stroller and carseats my MIL bought us.

We got both in the bubbles black...


Thanks for reading....

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Michelle said...

I like them all, I cant decide. Sorry Im no help