Sunday, July 13, 2008

He fell asleep....

Brian and I had our birthing class for 8 hours on Saturday. It was really informative and I felt like the instructor really knew her stuff.

We learned what to expect and about the stages of labor. Of course I know all of this will goes out the window when we actually go through it. No two birth stories ever seem to be the same.

I went into it thinking I was going to go the all natural route. I still might, but the anesthesiologist and the nurse teaching the class sure were pushing epidurals. My favorite line from the doctor...."Women in San Ramon, don't want to feel pain. They ask for pain meds when they hit the parking lot. " :)

My favorite part of the class was not unlike the end of most yoga classes I have taken. Except that it probably went on for 45 minutes.

The instructor was showing us relaxation and breathing techniques. I was deeply into it. I had a focal point in my head. I didn't need a object to look at, I just pictured my happy place which is my friend Katie's house in Montecito. It is seriously the most beautiful and comfortable home I have ever been in. Right on the water.

Anyway, at some point I hear the instructor speaking softly telling our coaches to check if we were truly relaxed. We were laying in the back of the room and I could see all of the other husbands lifting there wives arms and then slowly letting them go to see if the women were limp enough. I waited and waited and finally turned around to see Brian. He looked to be waking from a slumber. I mean we were all relaxed, but he is suppose to be my coach.

Doesn't build up my confidence in his ability to keep me relaxed on the day I go into labor. :)

Another highlight from the class...
The instructor told our husband to try a technique of massage when their wives seemed tense in a particular body part. Of course most men would rub their wives backs or bellies. Brian chose to rub my boob. Um....I don't think I have ever had a tense boob.

God I hope my Dad isn't reading this.


Christine said...

OMG I'm dying laughing at him massaging your boob!

Michelle said...


avalikelava said...

Well... I'm sure he was helping ensure that you don't get a tense boob. Preventative measures are very important ;p

Alison said...

Haaaaaaa - my DH would do that SAME thing. Hilarious!