Monday, July 7, 2008

The Southern California Shower

My girlfriends rock. I couldn't have asked for two nicer showers. Benjamin and I were spoiled once again. We received more gifts than I can ever name.

My favorites...Auntie Allegra bought him some sweet flaming vans. I am so glad he will be rockin those. I'm not going to lie, he will probably possess a mohawk at some point in his toddlerhood.

Auntie Heather bought him a sweet Mr.T onesie. He will probably wear this home from the hospital. :)

Auntie Heather also bought him some Angels gear. I am so glad that he won't have to be embarrassed by all of the Dodger and Giants gear he received. We may have to have a symbolic bonfire. ;)

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Anonymous said...

I pity the fool who doesn't have a Mr. T onesie to wear home from the hospital! ;o) Also, I will be happy to help with the burning of the Dodgers and Giants paraphanelia! Just be glad you haven't gotten A's stuff like any future children of mine will get from my family! Glad you had another nice shower. We missed you tonight at Chili's! ~Jamers