Monday, May 19, 2008

My first love = Shopping

I actually wrote a post yesterday and then managed to erase it. :(

Anyway, I realized at an early age that there was one thing I had a talent for. Shopping. I have always liked to shop. It could be for handbags, shoes, clothes, make up, or even home decor items. So when I decided to go looking for baby bedding, I thought it would be an easy task. I was wrong.

If I was having a girl, it would have been so easy. I would diva out her room. Maybe use some black and white toile with an awesome accent color like hot pink, lemon, or tiffany blue. She would have her very own chandelier. Her shoe selection would rival Carrie Bradshaw. I could dress her to the nines. Don't get me started.

But, alas, I saw a penis at the ultrasound. No matter what women say, there just aren't as many cute things for boys. The clothes are okay, but bedding has been the hardest thing to find. I have found a few items. Not sure yet how to link the pics in here yet, so i'll try links.

Here's my first pick so far.
I'm not really into themes, so I thought this was doable.

My next two picks are by Glenna Jean.

Let me know what you ladies think.

I'm still open to other option too, so if you have any recs, please send them my way.


Stephanie said...

I love the first one. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

I really love the "mod squad" (#2)and not just for its name either. All of them are really cute!

Michelle said...

I really like the first and last ones!!

Alyssa said...

First one is my fave -alyssa7

Alison said...

LOVE the teal and brown combo - very sophisticed - even for a baby with a penis! ;)

Have you seen Loretta's bedding (try Baby Board)... its very similar... and beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

This blog obviously needs some masculine input. I am "Shanny's" "crazy" father. I do not remember the burial of Emily. After reading my daughter's recollection of the event, it is no wonder I forgot. It would seem that it was very traumatic for me. However, it does reflect what a father goes through when attempting to bond with a daughter.

I thought I raised my daughter to believe it is the thought that counts. As you can see, it goes a bit further with her and her mother. Is it any wonder why the man prefers to be on the golf course, or in a bar!

If I was burying Emily with one of my son's present, and the hole did not meet their expectations, they would have said, "Let me help you, Dad." . . . on second thought, that is unrealistic. They both would be golfing or in a bar.

One more thing. What is wrong with a penis? I am aware it has become superfluous for conception, but the day is fast approaching when a womb will no longer be necessary for gestation. So, I ask you not to belittle the penis. . . (poor choice of words).

Oh, yeah, I think mauve and chartreuse would be a great combo! I'm sure Ben will really care.

Meg said...

I'm a little late on this one, but what do you think of something more modern? There seem to be a lot of cute modern boy bedding:

Manoj Sharma said...

i also like the first and last ones!
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