Monday, November 10, 2008

That was me a little over 2 months ago..

I went to lunch with 4 very lovely ladies yesterday. All four were at various stages of pregnancy. It is sometimes hard to remember what my life was like BB. Before Benjamin. ;)

I tried to keep myself engaged in the conversations, but found myself struggling to. I felt like I had to keep Benjamin entertained. I was fearful that he would turn into a screaming lunatic baby.

I really didn't want to get those looks of pity. The look of wow, can't you control your child or the jeez that baby sure is good birth control comments. I know people think them. I used to myself, BB. :)

I truly hope no one thought that I was not interested in their conversation. Quite the contrary. It was great to get the adult interaction. I truly apologize if it came off that I was uninterested.

I hope that we can all get together again after all of your new arrivals get here. Maybe then we will be 5 ladies trying to carry on conversations to no avail. :)


Zoe said...

BB - love it! And thanks for the glimpse into my ever-nearing future.

Alison 'n Brandyn said...

What are you talking about... you were Multitasking Mama Extraordinaire!!

The Spruiells said...

What are you talking about??? I didn't notice you not paying attention or anything like that. I am always amazed at how moms can keep attention to their adult convos yet still take care of their baby...and you were no exception. And when B cried, I didnt even hear him! He had a whimpy quiet cry...which is a good thing! LOL! :) We will have to do it again really soon (w/ B too).